A Journey by Boat And Paper Composition For High School Level Students

A Journey by Boat And Paper Composition For High School Level Students

A Journey by Boat And Paper Composition For High School Level Students
A Journey by Boat
Our country is full of rivers. people can go to different places by boat. A journey by boat is really very pleasing. Whenever I get a chance, I make a boat journey. During the last autumn vacation, the mother asked me to go to my elder sister's house at Palash by boat. I was happy at this. 

I along with my two friends went to Demra ghat and hired a nice boat. The journey started at 8 am along the river Sitalakhya. The weather was fine. Both the current and wind were favorable. There were two boatmen.  They hoisted the sail and started singing. 

The river views of the Sitallakhya were charming. Launches and big boats carrying passengers and goods were playing along the river. Fishermen are seen fishing. Villagers were bathing and swimming. The mills and factories on both the banks drew our attention. the Ghorashal Railway Bridge and the Maizuddin Bridge over the Sitalakhya look very beautiful from a distance.

The sight of trains buses, cars, trucks, etc. running over the bridges charmed us all. we could not think how our three hour's journey by boat came to an end. We reached our destination at Palash at 11 AM. But the scene and scenery we enjoyed by this journey still remain fresh in my mind.   

Paper is a very important thing without which we can't run even a day. It is believed that the Egyptians first made paper from the leaves of papyrus growing on the bank of the Nile. The word paper comes from the word "papyrus". 

Grass, straw, rags, bamboo, jute, and many things are now the raw materials from which paper is made in a mill. At first, the raw materials are cut into pieces. Then a paste is made by boiling them. It is then spread on flat plates. After that, it is dried and cut into pieces of different sizes. Thus we get paper. 

There are many kinds of paper. Some are fine and some are coarse. There are papers of different colors, sizes, and qualities. Books, newspapers, letters, official records and documents are written on paper. It is used in educational institutions and in packing things. Paper is one of the most essential daily necessary things in our life. 
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